My daughter and I experienced a stroke of luck the day we met Bridget. We were looking for a wedding planner for my daughter's wedding. We wanted someone that would listen, be organized, be fun, and KNOW HER STUFF. Bridget is that and so much more. She can wear every hat from therapist for the mother of the bride to 'find a florist at the last minute when yours cancels 2 months before the wedding' problem solver. It was simply a delight to work with Bridget from the first day until she helped me round up the late stragglers on the big night. My daughter wanted a home wedding - as in, a wedding....IN OUR HOME. Yes, 200 people, watching our daughter marry her sweet hubby, feeding all 200 people a family style dinner, then lots and lots of revelry under the tent till the wee hours. Molly had very specific ideas for her wedding - and we actually pulled it off! For that, 100% of the credit definitely goes to Bridget. She was totally and completely committed to helping us create the exact wedding that Molly wanted. I can promise you, that's not always the case with all wedding planners (hint hint, previous daughter’s wedding disaster). If you're looking for a shoulder to cry on at least once, someone to laugh with when things get really ca-razy and a true friend when it's all over, then hire Bridget. You'll get the wedding your daughter wants, at the price you can afford AND you'll actually get to enjoy it all on the big day. Bridget will guarantee it. 

Barbara Moore - Mother of Bride


Some people have a special gift for making others happy, your one of these people, and you do it just by being you. Where do I begin…thank you so much for taking on our wedding and running with it like a true pro. You are amazing which gave us such peace throughout the whole process. Looking back at the photos we are amazed at how beautiful it all turned out! A picture does say a 1,000 words…we truly could not have done it without you! Your ideas were perfect! Thank you again for making it the perfect day!

Clair & Jessica - Bride & Mother of the Bride


How do I thank you enough for helping us plan the wedding of our dreams? From the moment I met you I knew there was something special about you. Your attention to detail, organization, and wonderful ideas make you great at your job – but your heart, love for people and your clients, and the friendship you give is what separates you apart from the rest. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your time, energy and love you put into making our wedding the best day of our lives. You went above and beyond and I couldn’t thank you enough or recommend you more! You are so talented. I love the friendship we made and look forward to staying in touch in the future.

Love you girl! – Jessica (and Jon:), Bride


I wanted to take a minute to thank you for ALL of your hard work. You were BEYOND incredible and invaluable. One of the most comforting things was how much I knew I could trust you to make everything happen. It was really awesome to know that I could relax that day because you had everything under control. I think you knew my wedding better than I did!  I deeply appreciate and am extremely grateful for the attention to detail, the care, the time and the effort you put into understanding everything that was important to me. Almost all of the vendors told me you were the most organized and thorough wedding planner they have ever worked with. Thank you for helping to make our wedding so wonderful. You saved the day more times than I can count. You were such a beautiful gift.

Thank you,

From the bottom of my heart, So much love - Allison (and Drew), Bride


I don’t have nearly enough paper to express how grateful and just blessed I feel to have met you and had your talent and huge heart, guiding one of the most important days of my life. Thank you so much! I’m hoping I can do something to, in a small way, start to repay you. If there is anything you ever need me to help you with, I will come running! I really feel like I’ve made a friend

XO - Maggie Kuhn, Bride


Thank you for ALL you have done for our family! I have no idea how you do your job with such elegance, grace, and precision! But, I sure am thankful that you do what you do!!!

Love Much – Brenda (and Tim too!), Mother of Bride


Thank you so so much for everything you did for Nolan and my wedding. We seriously could not have done it without all your help, I would have been a basket case and half of it wouldn’t have happened. Everything was perfect and exactly what I imagined for one of the most important days of our lives! I hope you like the Kate Space bracelet and clutch, just a small token of my appreciation. I could never repay you for all the hard work you put in our day but these two just made me think of you when I saw them!

Much Love – Melanie & Nolan, Bride & Groom


Just couldn't wait to tell you THANKS SO MUCH!  OMG Everything was so so so perfect! I am the happiest person in the world this morning. I even had strangers at breakfast this morning telling me they saw the wedding tent and it was so beautiful. I just can't believe how awesome everything turned out. I appreciate you more than I can say. Please tell Tony, Cindy, Lindsey and her sister how absolutely awesome everything was! Those flowers on the long table were out of this world! My "vision" of a fairy tale wedding came true and it was all because of You! I still can't believe that absolutely awesome painting that Cindy's daughter did! That was definitely the cherry on top. I will never forget this awesome weekend and I have a feeling no one else will either! 

My most sincere thanks and appreciation!

- Ann Pertzborn, Mother of Bride