Why hiring a planner is a good idea




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Before we get into why you should hire a planner, let us look at some common reasons brides do not want to hire one.

They want to be involved in the entire planning process  – Blame mainstream media, but the general idea about planners is that we are rude, bossy and always wanting things to go our way. A bride may think that by choosing to hire a planner, she will be losing out on the best parts of the wedding planning process, like researching and hiring vendors and may end up with a wedding that has all the vendors that the planner always works with. The last thing that anyone wants is a cut and paste wedding!

They think it will be expensive – Probably the most common reason brides shy away from picking up the phone and scheduling an appointment with a wedding planner. It’s easy to assume that hiring a planner will be an exorbitant cost and that they are better off without one (thank you Hollywood!)

Does any of this sound familiar? We thought so…

Now lets get into some things that people realize during the process of planning their wedding.

It is not always fun – Designing your wedding cake, tasting the food and researching potential venues does sound exciting. However, there are many other aspects of planning like guests transportation, accommodations or seating charts that are a lot less interesting. Contrary to popular belief, hiring a wedding planner does not mean outsourcing your entire wedding. A wedding planner represents the client and acts in their best interest. A good planner gives you the exact amount of help that you need, whether it’s just reviewing vendor contracts or attending every meeting with you and giving their input.

It takes a lot of time – Until it actually comes down to planning your own wedding, it’s easy to forget the many many details that go into it. Wedding planners have done it before and done it many times over, so they can foresee the tiny things that you could sometimes over look. A lot of brides take time off from work or their daily tasks just to get into the planning aspect, so if you are someone that doesn’t enjoy scheduling meetings with several different vendors then getting someone else to do it for you makes sense.

It is difficult to choose the right vendor – Without insider knowledge of vendors in the area and current market rates, you may be restricting yourself to the few vendors that pop up on google searches and then you could have signed a contract with someone who is overcharging you or whose services you are not happy with. Although we like to believe that no one would like to ruin someones special day, some mistakes just cannot be corrected in time.

Budgets change as the day comes closer – Without someone foreseeing the vendor contracts and demands, you may realize as the day approaches that what you asked for isn’t what you were going to get. Tiny things like flower arrangements, height of the centerpieces, size of the chandelier could mean that the decor that you thought was going to be magnificent was in fact minuscule and this could cause changes in the overall budget and management issues when you should have been focusing on the more important stuff – like practicing your vows or dance moves for your first dance as husband and wife. A planner helps with budget management and vendor contracts and a good one does not push you to work with vendors that you are uncomfortable with.

Things can still go wrong –  Despite the endless planning on your part, somethings do get away from you. One linen that didn’t get delivered could cause you asking the groom or guests to scramble on the last day, tension that could easily be avoided. A lot of times family contributes to the help on hand, but on the day of the wedding it’s easy for them to forget responsibility and get lost in the days festivities. For example, a cousin of yours may have the responsibility to lay out the table for the wedding favors but may have forgotten to do it since he met his college pals and you would not realize it until you actually walked into the room during the reception.

A good planner sweats the details, has insider information and can foresee the disasters before they even happen. In all honestly, they can save you money, effort, time and stress and ensure you have a happy wedding day.

who wants to worry about giving vendors their final payments and returning rentals the next day right?! The day after your wedding should be a culmination of emotions with no sign of regret. A lovely example is the father of the bride that told us that although he didn’t understand what a planner did and thought of it as a waste of money initially, couldn’t be happier with the decision his daughter made to hire us. Those words meant more to us than he could know – Thank you Mr. Schultz:)

If you are a bride to be  – Do sit down with your significant other and analyse what you want out of your wedding bay and ballpark the figure you want to spend. Then, research planners in the area and call them even if you’re hesitant. An initial consultation could help clear your questions and the earlier you hire your planner, the more you can get out of them!



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