Creative Owner of My Dream Job!

Working in the event industry for over 15 years has given me great experiences. It began at a resort where I planned special events and weddings. While I had a blast celebrating these occasions for 5 years, my curiosity to learn more about other areas of this business lead me to planning for Corporate America. After 7 years of the hustle and bustle I found myself missing planning weddings. I realized that was my true passion. While I was in no position to go out on my own, it was only with the support and encouraging words from my husband that I found the strength to follow my dream. In 2008 I opened An Elegant Occasion, which specializes in Wedding Coordination and Design. 

Why only weddings? Well, I have planned all the other events in the world and my expertise and passion lies in weddings and their intricate details. Plus, I’m in love with love. I specialize in customized weddings, meaning I only do a certain number of weddings a year to assure my clients that I will be there every step of the way. I am extremely hands-on and I am never juggling multiple events at once. I stand behind that I create Luxury Weddings with a Personal Touch.

When I’m not planning and coordinating weddings, you’re likely to find me snuggled up in the “cloud” with Mr. Baker and our giant four-legged Great Dane Lucas, or planning and hosting parties with our friends and family - simply enjoying the gift of life and love! I am a passionate, adventure seeking, detail oriented girly girl who loves to play dress up and laugh until my stomach hurts. 



An architect with a penchant for all things dramatic!

New to the country but no stranger to weddings, I parterned with Bridget in 2017 to expand the company to the Tennessee area. I am Indian by origin and love all the unseen chaos that goes behind putting a wedding together.

The moment that it all comes together makes the whole journey worthwhile. I began as an architect and moved on to entrepreneurship and am bringing the best of both worlds together with wedding coordination. I decided to follow this path after a nudge from my supportive husband who saw this as more than just a hobby.

When I'm not dreaming of weddings I'm usually cooking up a storm in the kitchen or at a spinning class at the gym. I am hardworking and creative and loving life in beautiful Tennessee.